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Fountek Electronics is a relatively new company involving professionals and enthusiasts in audio and engineering design. They develop and manufacture high quality transducers and electronics for the high-end audio world. Embracing technology with passion.

Fountek owns full intellectual property to it's product lines.

Fountek is available whole sale in Australia from WES Components. Please Enquire.

Fountek is available from numerous resellers, including, but not exclusive to;
Wagner Electronic Services (Sydney NSW)
Stones Sound Studio (Nth NSW)
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April, 2003 Fountek founded in Shanghai China.

JP3.0 ribbon transducer released in June, 2003.

JP2.0 ribbon transducer released in October, 2003.

Fountek NeoCD series ribbon tweeters developed in June, 2004.
NeoCD line ribbons keeping high performance also improved reliability.

Fountek Electronics move to new address in September, 2004.

NeoPro5i released in October, 2004. Its a high power, high efficiency ribbon transducer. It's good choice of high quality professional audio appliance.

Altitude 3500 world release in April, 2006. Brings premium grade high-end audio to affordability.

A3500-SS Research and development project completed by Stones Sound Studio.

June 2006, WES Components release the SS Version of the Altitude 3500. An enhanced version of the Altitude 3500 with Heat shields, improved bandwidth and sonics.

January 2007, SSS Updates Ribbon Tweeter Crossovers.

Specialist ribbon manufacturer with the best performance to cost factor.
Generally considered as excellent in quality as any of the competition.


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