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What is a Ribbon Transducer?

The ribbon transducer is actually quite old as a concept.
It was developed by European Acoustic Laboratories in 1928.

Fundamental physics support the ribbon as a perfect type of transducer.
A thin light metal ribbon is suspended in a powerful magnetic field.
The signal current passes through the current and magnetic field.
The electromagnetic circuit has complete control over ribbon motion.
The ribbon itself projects the sound faithfully and instantaneously.
The ribbon serves both as voice coil and diaphragm. Every part of the
ribbon is driven directly and simultaneously without any energy storage.
The ribbon transducer improves the performance of your loudspeaker
No sound colouring at all in its usable frequency range.
Output voice always perfectly replicates the input signal.
Maximum speed of response. Start and stop is instantaneous.
Maintains the leading edge of musical sounds and their harmonics.
Extremely low inter-modulation and harmonic distortion due to low mass.
Capable of the highest efficiency known in direct radiator transducers.
High rate of Young’s modulus (low loss due to mechanical stress/strain).
Extremely wide, flat frequency response (1KHz through to 100KHz.)
Flat impedance in usable frequency range for easy to design X-over CCTs.

The New NeoPro5i has a hand wound impedance matching transformer so you are assured of the absolute maximum performance available from this unique professional audiophile tweeter assembly.

To achieve the best premium performance for your project, Fountek have achieved an advance quality control system where each and every tweeter is checked for performance specifications are optimal and that packaged pairs are identical to each other for the best stereo imaging performance. No other Ribbon tweeter manufacturer offers this kind of specific service.

JP3.0 or the new Neo Series?
For the purists who want a genuine 9ÁM ribbon we continue to stock the original JP3.0 as this tweeter continues to out perform a majority of units that cost multiples more. Many projects use this popular tweeter so information on application is abundant. See our Reviews page for some project samples.
The New Neo Series builds on the popular JP3.0 with advances using new patented technology in its 20ÁM Enforced Sandwich Ribbon. This all new True Ribbon is made from a composite alloy sandwiched between a patented polycarbonate coating.
This is NEW to Ribbon Transducers, taking last centuries best driver to the next level with extra strength & reliability and no oxidisation for extra long life service. This technology also improves the already incredible Impulse response even further with controlled dampening. These improvements push the Fountek Ribbon Tweeter range into the stratosphere! No other high range transducer comes close.

The ribbon tweeter is superior to other transducers because all design factors are satisfied correctly for optimised & effective work. Other high range extenders do not blend easily when added to loudspeaker systems because they add their own distortion by transient smearing, delayed energy and non-linear response. The quality of materials used in ribbon speakers has the ability to “clean up” and “open up” not only the extreme highs, but also the middle tones without adding any distortion. The addition of a pair of ribbon tweeters to any quality speaker system is the most cost effective way to improve the performance of an audiophile loudspeaker system to meet the demands of today's highly accurate media.


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